CBS Sports, a US TV channel, plans to show highlights of the World Series of Video Games tournament, treating the event as it would any other sports competition.

Gamers in the competition tackle three titles: Guitar Hero II, Fight Night Round Three and World of Warcraft.

Defending the decision, Rob Correa, senior vice-president for programming at CBS Sports, predicted that the move could come to be seen as a significant moment in broadcasting history.

"We're going to try to see if video games' popularity can translate into a viable television audience," he said. "Without a doubt the biggest question is: how do you make watching the television show fun for a viewer who's not actually playing the game? Clearly video games have always been a participant sport, if you will, and that's going to be the challenge."

Will it work? We're not sure. There's a certain spectator appeal about video games, we won't deny that, but only if it's people you know playing games you're familiar with - and where you get the chance to beat their feeble high-score as soon as they die. Po-faced full-time gamers taking it in turns to pull off flawless renditions of Freebird in Guitar Hero II we can probably live without.

Still, it's got to be better than Hartlepool versus Southend on a Tuesday night. Game on!

[Via Metro]