PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 - the battle continues. A Wikipedia entry regarding the Xbox 360 game Halo 3 has been edited by someone using an IP address based at one of rival Sony's studios. Ouch.

According to Max Console, someone from the IP address edited the Wikipedia entry, claiming to be privy to 'inside information'.

Wikipedia editors became suspicious when the poster dismissed Halo 3 as not having any important graphics upgrades, saying: "Halo 3 won't look any better than Halo 2".

After some brisk detective work was tracked down as the IP address of Sony's Liverpool studios. The Wikipedia editors deleted the entry.

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Of course, it's impossible for any organisation of Sony's size to police what each of its employees is doing online - and the IP address alone proves nothing. But this does suggest a certain level of paranoia from the PlayStation 3 crew.

The PS3 has become something of a problem for Sony, and the Xbox 360 can expect a boost from Halo 3, so the Wikipedia editors may need to be on their guard.

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