Security firm PC Tools is urging PC users to take on the role of 'Chief Memory Officer' and ensure they are backing up the data stored on their PC.

Recent research by Parks Associates revealed that on average the digital footprint of a household will grow to nearly 900GB by 2014. Furthermore, social network Facebook revealed over 750 million photos were uploaded over the first weekend of this year alone, which means there's even more need for Brits to back-up the data stored on their machines.

In fact, one in five Brits say they never both to back-up their digital photos, while a third of Brits admit they've lost their digital snaps forever because they didn't back them up.

"Creating a regular backup is the most effective way to ensure you don't lose valuable digital files," said Richard Clooke, worldwide review program manager from PC Tools.

"Many people think 'it'll never happen to me' or assume backing up is just for large companies, but everyone has photos, videos or other personal documents that are irreplaceable. Taking time now to install automatic backup software means you can "set-and-forget", leaving you to enjoy your PC with the peace of mind that your data is secure."

Clooke recommended "set-and-forget" software that allows the user to set automatic backups that take place at scheduled times as well as offering the ability to recover individual files and folders or to restore the complete system to a specific point, easily and quickly.

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