Brits will soon be given the broadband speed of properties they're considering purchasing.

Rightmove is thought to have joined forces with BT to add the broadband speed achievable to the details listed about the one million properties on its website.

It is also thought that the online estate agent will detail whether that property can get BT's Infinity service - fibre-based net connections currently being rolled out across the UK by the telecommunications company, which offer speeds of 'up to' 40Mbps.

"Broadband is becoming one of the most important considerations for prospective buyers, if not the most important. Many people fall in love with a home only to find out it can only get really slow internet. By listing broadband speed with all the other property details buyers will be able to weed out homes that don't have high-speed access," a source close to Rightmove told The Telegraph.

Rightmove confirmed it was interested in broadband speeds and that it "recently looked into how [broadband speeds] can benefit us, although we are not currently in any form of partnership with BT".

BT was unavailable for comment.

The move comes less than a month after a survey by ISP Review found that more than two thirds (69 percent) of Brits would be put off buying a home if it didn't have access to a fast broadband connection.

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