Almost half of respondents (43 percent) to a PC Advisor poll believe that Wikileaks was wrong to release military logs from Afghanistan in late July, asking for public assistance in combing them for information.

Asked for their thoughts on Wikileaks' actions, 43 percent of PC Advisor ticked 'Disapprove - classified documents are classified for a reason'.

"Imagine if Wikileaks had been around just before Normandy in 1944, and revealed the deception plans," wrote forum member john bunyan. "The results would have been catastrophic. Whilst there is a justification to follow up the episodes of civilian casualties in particular, there should be strict rules on not compromising troops in the field."

However, slightly under one in three respondents (29.4 percent) took the opposite tack, selecting 'Approve - 'crowdsourcing' can be a powerful tool for political accountability'.

"An old saying: 'The truth will out'," observed Scillonia.

"There is far too much secrecy," wrote 961. "The majority of secrecy these days is to enable politicians to save face."

A further 20.2 percent answered 'I support Wikileaks' aims but I'm uncomfortable with its methods'.

"Double edged sword," said karmgord. "On one hand the public should know the truth. But on the other, this is manna from heaven to those wishing to radicalise young hotheads and ultimately could cost lives."

Finally, 7.3 percent ticked 'Don't know/other'.

Based on 381 votes, 2 August 2010.

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