The big gossip hurling round the blogosphere last month was that self-proclaimed 'Microsoft Geek' blogger Robert Scoble ( was no more.

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No longer at Microsoft that is, not dead. But given the response you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Outspoken Scoble left Microsoft to join podcasting startup Who? Well, that was probably the point. The news was so big it prompted Valleywag to make an 'emergency weekend post'.

"In case you have a life on the weekends, you ought to know that famed Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble is now just blogger Robert Scoble. Shocking, yes!" wrote the Silicon Valley gossip blog.

It didn't take long for everyone else to pile in – in a piece titled 'Who is Robert Scoble and does anybody care?', The Guardian's Jack Schofield wrote: "He was often critical of Microsoft, visited industry rivals, and regularly wrote approvingly of non-Microsoft products, which increased his credibility, and made him virtually untouchable. For Microsoft PR staff, it must have been like living with an unexploded bomb.

"But he still had huge PR value to Microsoft, because his comments were widely taken up by other bloggers, and he could send vast amounts of traffic to Microsoft sites such as Channel 9, where Scoble posted videos of softies talking about products they were developing."

The news even made it to the top of the "I'm the top tech news on the BBC right now," reported, er, Scoble himself. Ahem.

Snarky PR blog The World's Leading probably summed it up best "You knew he really wasn't cool because he called himself the Scobleizer! Christ... it's like that arse Chuck Sherman in American Pie... 'I am the Sherminator. I'm a sophisticated sex robot sent back through time to change the future for one lucky lady.' Well done Robert – best of luck. Now bugger off," the anonymous blog went.

Scoble's blog will of course still attract an audience after he's left Microsoft, albeit a smaller one.