In a bid to embrace Web 2.0, the Vatican has launched its own channel on Google's video-sharing site YouTube.

The new channel, which is expected to be updated daily, will offer video and audio clips of Pope Benedict XVI's addresses, along with news about the Pontiff.

For the Roman Catholic Church, creating a YouTube channel "is a good idea", said Dan Olds, an analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group. "In fact, it's one of their best ideas. The problem for the church is getting to the grass roots in a vast worldwide audience. They have to get their message to people in the medium that they're using."

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This isn't the Vatican's first foray into the online world. The Vatican also has its own website, offering access to Vatican Secret Archives and Vatican Museums. It even sports a section all in the Latin language.

The Catholic News Service, which is connected with the Vatican, is no technical slouch either, running its own Facebook page, which includes the Pope's greeting last week to President Barack Obama as well as news stories, notes and blogs.

Many world leaders, including the Queen and the US Senate communicate with constituents via You Tube.

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