A PC Advisor poll of visitors to the site found that more than half plan to complete their 2011 census form online, or have already done so. The 2011 census is the first UK census to allow online entry.

After we posted the question 'UK citizens: Are you completing your 2011 census form online?', 55.8 percent of respondents ticked 'Yes'.

Some felt it was (or would be) simply easier to do it online.

"Did it online the other day. Took about five minutes," said PCA forum member Colin.

Others pointed out that this method would be more helpful to the administrators and even the environment.

"Done ours online straight away," answered TopCat®. "Doing so is, I believe, much preferred by the authorities because of legibility problems with many of the handwritten answers."

"I welcome the day when it's done online by default," said oresome. "Think of the savings on paper, postage and transcribing the completed forms back to data."

'Just pick up a biro'

The remaining 44.2, unsurprisingly, went for 'No'.

"It was easier to just pick up a biro and tick the boxes," said Quickbeam. "A bit like washing the dishes vs loading a dishwasher - just do it."

"Its easier to pass around the form than do it online. I guess a tablet would be useful for this!" agreed AL47.

But what about the rest of the country?

PC Advisor's online readership, of course, is by its nature an unusually web-savvy group. So what proportion of the UK population as a whole can we expect to complete their census forms online?

We contacted the Census Press Office for its projections. Spokesperson Lucy Calvert told us that "experience of countries that have already introduced online completion suggests around 25 percent of people might complete online", but declined to offer any early figures.

Based on 715 votes, March 2011. Vote in the poll (and see the results presented in graph form), or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.

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