In a PC Advisor poll of 523 site visitors, almost a quarter of those who said they would follow the Royal Wedding planned to do so on the internet.

However, royal fever appeared to be at rather low levels on our site, with two thirds (66 percent) ticking the answer 'I'm not interested'.

"I will be avoiding the wedding like the plague," declared PCA forum member Mr Mistoffelees.

"Even if I were interested in the personal lives of the royal family, I wouldn't sit through a religious ceremony," explained fourm member.

The most popular option for royal watchers was the TV, unsurprisingly: this picked up 21 percent of votes overall, or 61.7 percent of those showing an interest.

"I will be watching events on the television, not particularly because of the wedding itself but to observe the world-renowned smartness and precision of the military detachments in attendance," said TopCat®. "I hope all have a memorable day."

"BBQ at my running club. TV is near the bar so I will watch it during top-ups," admitted QuizMan.

Online options tallied a combined total of 8 percent of the votes - or 23.5 percent of interested parties - which was spread quite evenly across web TV streaming (2 percent), web radio (1 percent), web text commentary (2 percent), Twitter (1 percent) and Facebook (2 percent).

Just 1 percent said they'd listen on conventional radio.

"It's a normal working day for me, but I will have my local radio station on," said SB23.

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