More than six out of ten web users (61.1 percent) visit social networks, according to a PC Advisor survey.

Visitors to were asked which social networks they use. Facebook was the runaway leader, with 31.9 percent of votes cast.

This represents a 4.4 percent gain on Facebook's performance when PC Advisor conducted the same poll in January 2009. Facebook was selected by 27.5 percent of users in the earlier poll.

Facebook was followed this time around by Twitter in a distant second (8.7 percent, up from 3.8 percent in January 2009), Friends Reunited (6 percent) and LinkedIn (4.8 percent).

The once-mighty MySpace came fifth, with 2.8 percent of the votes. In 2009 it collected 7.1 percent of votes.

Overall, 61.1 percent of respondents to the poll declared their allegiance to a social network. This represents a 4.3 percent increase on the results in January 2009, when 56.8 percent of respondents said they use social networking.

Social networking naysayers

There remains a strong minority who don't use any social networks, however; 38.9 percent of votes were cast for 'I don't use any'.

"I am constantly bugged by my friends to get Facebook, which I despise," commented forum member mr simon. "I don't know of anyone my age who doesn't have it."

GANDALF <|:-)> added: "Call me radical but I use the telephone, which seems to have the desired effect without interminable dross, meaningless photos and dull statements/facts."

Based on 1050 votes, 8th September 2010. Have your say in the poll, or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.