In a PC Advisor poll of 1,622 visitors to the site, 30.9 percent of respondents said they were not satisfied by their online Christmas shopping experience, because the deliveries were late.

A separate poll of UK consumers by Econsultancy, however, found that only 26.2% of online shoppers received their deliveries late. The slightly higher figure in our poll may reflect the fact that dissatisfied customers are more inclined to have their say than the happy and silent majority.

Responding to the question 'Have you been satisfied with your Christmas shopping online?', just over half (51.8 percent) ticked the answer 'Yes, everything arrived on time'.

"I have to admit that I've been surprised this year by the speed at which we have received all of our online goodies," reported forum member SB23.

"Made several purchases from different sites: books, games, CDs, clothes, hardware," wrote cycoze. "All arrived in good time."

But 30.9 percent went for 'No, deliveries were late'.

Belatucadrus said: "Been very patchy, courier deliveries have been excellent, but the postal deliveries here have gone to pot completely." However, he later added: "Post Office redeemed itself somewhat with a couple of last-minute deliveries. Christmas not cancelled after all."

Noldi said: "I did a limited amount of shopping online, and after this year's experience I will not buy online next year."

Finally, the remaining 17.3 percent gave the answer 'I bought all my gifts from a proper shop'.

Some of these may have been influenced by worries about the weather this year. Devil Fish said: "Did none online this year due to delivery concerns - in other words the weather. Normally most if not all would be done online."

Based on 1,622 votes, December 2010 to January 2011. Add your vote to the poll, or have your say in PC Advisor's forums.

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