A PC Advisor poll of 1,141 site visitors has found that 27.6 percent think Facebook's new Titan messaging service 'sounds great - I'll use it regularly'.

"I can see this being really big, and probably in the long run obliterating Gmail, MSN and Yahoo on the communication front," commented PC Advisor forum member AL47. "I really can see FB taking over from Google and all the others. I don't think that's good, but I can see it."

Asked 'What do you think of Facebook's new Titan messaging service?', 21.8 percent answered 'Could be good, but I'm not convinced yet'.

"Some people just seem to need to communicate," said fourm member. "There's no problem with Facebook taking over that role, but my worry is that the communication is open. Maybe, if this Titan makes it easier to keep messages to a chosen circle, it will be a good thing."

But a good-sized chunk were scathing about the service: 22.3 percent ticked 'I can't see the point', while 28.2 percent indicated that they hadn't even heard of it.

"I haven't seen it or any of the other things which are touted as being 'new' on Facebook - but then again, I usually go straight to the poker game," said Covergirl.

Facebook's new service, currently codenamed 'Titan', is designed to be an all-encompassing messaging system that will envelop email, instant messages, Facebook messages and SMS. People will be able to have a facebook.com email address, but the new system will work with other email systems, such as Gmail and Yahoo mail.

Based on 1,141 votes, November 2010. Add your vote to the poll, or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.

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