UK ISP Plusnet has revealed it will re-house its South African call centre in the UK.

The ISP, which is owned by BT, said the move would see the existing 100 positions in Durban, South Africa, transferred to the company's headquarters in Sheffield. A further 150 jobs will also be created.

"While we'll be sad to say goodbye to our friends in South Africa, we feel really excited about bringing all of our services back to Sheffield, and this gives us a great opportunity for us to improve our service even more," said Bob Pulled from Plusnet.

"The team in South Africa has helped us deliver a great service already, but much of the benefit of having our software and network engineers under a single roof in Sheffield is lost on the guys out in Durban who haven't the convenience of being able to 'nip up or down the stairs' to discuss particular problems or workflows with other departments."

Pullen also said it fits "really well with the plain speaking and honest Yorkshire branding of our recent ad campaigns".

The move has been partly funded by Regional development agency Yorkshire Forward, which invested £1.8m in bringing the call centre to the UK.

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