Second Life will have a new addition from June as Playboy is introduced to the online game.

Specific details of how the magazine will feature in the virtual world are yet to be revealed, yet over on the Second Life Herald site the news has been met with a mixed reception by forum members. One visitor to the site submitted a post saying, “Oh dear. All the work we’re trying to do to prove that Second Life isn’t just about sex…then this happens.”

Although the Playboy mansion will not appear in the game until June you can sign up now for regular email updates.

Hugh Hefner’s empire will be the latest of thousands of businesses to set up shop in Second Life. According to statistics released earlier this month by Linden Labs, the creator of Second Life, the total number of residents has exceeded 6.2 million and over 300,000 of those are spending money within the virtual world.

Of the Second Life business owners in April, 34,474 had a positive monthly flow of Second Life’s currency, Linden dollars. Check out our top 8 Second Life virtual businesses.