Google recently added a new feature to its Google Earth software. Google Ocean is mapping software that takes you under the sea to spot shipwrecks, track the movements of great white sharks, and wander the ocean floor. We've taken the plunge to see just what the app can do.

Google Ocean is Google's latest update to its Google Earth software. Now you can dive as deep into the ocean as you could soar high above Snowdonia with Google Earth.

Thanks to Google's partnership with more than 20 different content providers, including the US Navy, NOAA, NASA, the National Geographic and BBC (to name a few), you can 'fly' beneath the ocean to the Titanic or follow sea turtles as they migrate across the sea.

To get started, download Google Earth 5 beta and put a check mark next to the 'Oceans' layer in the Google Earth software. Now you're ready to be a desktop Jacques Cousteau.

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Video: explore the depths with Google Ocean

Surfing Google Ocean for Davy Jones's Locker

Google Ocean lists many underwater shipwrecks such as this one of the HMCS Canada, which sank under mysterious circumstances off the Florida Keys in 1926. Shipwreck data provided within Google Ocean may include YouTube videos, images, and historical information. This shipwreck includes a video of a dive exploration of HMCS Canada from

One disappointing aspect of Google Ocean is that the program doesn't let you zoom down and then into the water to see shipwrecks. Instead, you have to click the shipwreck icon to explore a wreck via pictures, videos and written history.

Octopus's Garden in the shade

Diving into the waters just off the coast of Hawaii, you can explore the ridges of this submerged volcanic landscape. Here is an image of Waikolu Canyon just off the coast of the Hawaiian island of Maui.

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