Online photo printing service PhotoBox is now allowing consumers to sell the photobooks they have designed through its website.

Once users have created a photobook, they can use the new 'share' button at the bottom of the creation to sell the photobook. The photo printing service said it provides the option to add a mark-up to the standard Photobox price and then displays it on its own webpage.

Consumers can then share the link to that web page with friends and family via email or social networking site Facebook. By visiting the photobook's URL, anyone can flick through the photobook and then purchase a copy.

Users can also track how much they've earnt from their own photobook sales and claim the money back via PayPal or as credits to spend themselves on PhotoBox. PhotoBox takes 10 percent of the ex-VAT mark-up as an administration fee, but the rest goes straight to the seller.

"We're committed to empowering our customers with the tools to not only get creative in new ways, but to help them financially in these tricky times," said Mark Chapman, managing director of PhotoBox.