One Second Life avatar is suing another in a dispute over the intellectual property rights for the design of a virtual bed he uses as a sort of online sex shop and nookie parlour.

Kevin Alderman, comically known as "Stroker Serpentine" in Second Life, has amassed an adult animation entertainment empire in the virtual online world. He describes himself as an online Hugh Heffner or a 'perv, for want of a better term'.

Alderman created and runs SexGen, a virtual animation program that allows Second Life avatars to engage in virtual sexual positions and use virtual sex toys on each other. SexGen includes 100 different sex acts, facial expressions and sounds. None of them real, people.

Alderman is suing because he claims that another avatar has stolen his bed design, and is selling counterfeit copies. Using a loophole in the Second Life law, the alleged thief, Volkov Catteneo, and others like him, have been able to copy virtual beds and pass them on as their own. Which is clearly terrible. Justice must be seen to be done.

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