Peter Knowles writes: "Every time I try to check my email using Outlook Express 6.0 I receive a dialog box headed 'Logon –' that says 'Please enter your username and password for the following server'.

"The server is given as and there are two blank fields for the username and password. No matter what I put in these two fields, the dialog box keeps returning."

The fix
You need to enter your full email address for the username and your password. As you supplied both, I was able to check them and they are correct. However, you shouldn't be asked for this information if your account is set up correctly in Outlook Express.

Go into Tools, Accounts and select the Mail tab. There should be just one entry for your mail account. Select it, click Properties and select the Servers tab. The incoming mail server should be, the outgoing will be and the account name should be your full email address. Enter your 
password and tick 'Remember password'. There are a number of online guides to setting up your Wanadoo account at this site.

If you're sure that the account settings are correct and you still have a problem checking your email, some other software may be interfering with your connection. Check your antivirus and firewall settings, as they are the most likely candidates.

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