PCCW introduced Hong Kong's first cloud-based health data management service dubbed eSmartHealth on Monday.

According to the company, the service allows users to upload, store, and access their health data anytime. Users can check their health data charts for analysis anytime and receive personalized alerts of health conditions with the use of a PC With a personal computer or PCCW's eye2 Tab--a portable media player.

To wirelessly upload their health data, a user will need three separate sets of device by Oregon Scientific--a pedometer combo (at HK$599), a blood pressure monitor combo (at HK$799), and a heart rate monitor combo (at HK$1,999). Tom Chan, PCCW's managing director of Consumer Group said more devices by different firms will work with the service at a later stage.

Asked what measures the firm has taken to ensure data privacy and security, Chan said, "All personal data are classified and encrypted to enhance security. But customers might want to only share their health data with authorized persons such as family members and health-care professionals."

Between now and June 30, 2012, a customer who has successfully registered an account will have free service for 12 months, PCCW noted.