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Another milestone

Saturday 23 June: the skies clouded over and the heavens opened. London town became a mess of umbrellas and drenched city-goers clambering into black cabs to avoid the rain. Actually, we can't remember what the weather was like, we're just setting the scene. Because according to algernonymous, that was the day techadvisor.co.uk passed the milestone of 1,500,000 posts. Or, as WhiteTruckMan so kindly put it: “Every post is a milestone, or, in the case of this creaking server, a millstone.” Yes, thank you, WTM. We were enjoying that little bubble of joy, but we have to admit the posts are cleaned out every so often, so it's just a milestone since the last time. But what a milestone.

Finding the time

We're often jealous of how some of our regulars manage to get away with spending so much time online. KateB says: “I'm excellent at multitasking *glares at all of you at once*”, while Woolwell finds it amazing how much time can be wasted by feeding and watering ourselves.

Online improvements

There's been a lot of changes online this month, from the arrival of the PC Advisor New Products blog to the excellent HP Community Zone. We've added podcasts, Ask the expert and the ability to comment on news stories. Speakers' Corner is the ideal place to have your say about these updates, so what are you waiting for?

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