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Not a pretty panorama

Forum members have been up in arms about the BBC Panorama TV programme and its scaremongering over the dangers of Wi-Fi in schools. The Beeb has since admitted to a lack of concrete evidence, but that isn’t enough to calm the fears of some of our forum members. TalYasis argues: “It would be a fool who would ignore the dangers that may only become evident over a long period of time.” Meanwhile, dukeboxhero jests: “Anyone got a two-bedroom bubble for sale?”

Pavvi’s big break

By the time you read this, one of our regulars could be an international superstar (okay, perhaps a national star). Pavvi’s keeping mum about the details but, if you caught a talent show-style TV programme in mid-June, you could well have been rooting for one of our finest.


Raise your glasses for…

We were over the moon to hear about Sethhaniel's engagement - before, we might add, his family even found out. Talk about newshounds… Congratulations from all at PC Advisor to Sethhaniel and his lucky lady.

And we were delighted to hear that one of our members has had his first Googlewhack. For anyone unfamiliar with this memorable tech term, who is too afraid to Google it in fear of a violent response, a Googlewhack is a search query (consisting of two words) that returns a single result. Congratulations, Z1100.