is home to one of Europe’s most popular IT forums, with over 200,000 registered users and thousands of regulars who exchange views on anything from Big Blue to Big Brother.

Although it’s a close knit community, occasionally it reaches the wider public consciousness – national newspapers often refer to the PC Advisor forum to gauge user opinion, while dedicated members such as Paul Milne attracted the attention of other IT news sites after setting up a Windows Vista price protest on 10 Downing Street’s E-Petitions website. A couple of years ago, two PC Advisor readers even got married having met for the first time in the forums.

Now it’s Paul Potts’ turn to hit the spotlight. Potts (‘pavvi’ in the forums) told members of his televised audition in front of Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden for ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent show three months ago and this week the show was broadcast. See his performance here, it’s very impressive and has earned him a place in the semi-finals.

Having made a conscious decision to snub talent shows since the Cheeky Girls’ appearance a few years ago, I’ve yet to see Britain’s Got Talent. But I’m told the finalists will be selected by audience phone votes. So if you're not doing anything at 9:00 on Thursday evening, and you fancy voting for pavvi? Maybe we can tip the balance in his favour.