It's been a busy week on Twitter, but its not all been about a certain premier league footballer, although we've had fun enjoying the wealth of tweets poking fun at him. There's been plenty of other topics to keep users of the micro-blogging site occupied. Here's PC Advisor's favourite tweets of the week.

The footballer, the mistress, and the social network

The week got off to a bad start for one premiership footballer at least. The long running saga of this sports star's attempts to keep an extra-marital affair under wraps with a superinjuction have dominated the news for the past month. His identity is Twitter's worst-kept secret and it all came to a head after he threatened users of the micro-blogging site that mentioned his name with legal action.

Our editor, MattJEgan had a lot to say on the subject. "The footballer, the mistress, and the social network. How the [redacted] case affects freedom of expression on the net," he tweeted.

Facebook the 'most important thing' in the lives of students

Managing editor pricivius felt very strongly about the fact that a website called StudentBeans revealed that 11 percent of students rate Facebook as the "most important thing in their life at university" . That's one percent higher than the figure for sex, and as far as he's concerned "possibly the most shameful thing PC Advisor has heard all year".

"Facebook 'more important than sex', say students. Students 'have priorities wrong', says David (source: @studentbeans)," he tweeted.

Mango is the next the version of the Windows smartphone platform

Associate editor RosieHattersley was given a first-look at Mango, Microsoft's next iteration of the Windows Phone smartphone platform.

"At millbank tower for sneak peek of next Windows Phone details," she said in a tweet.

Troubleshoot and fix Windows problems from afar

Whether you're an IT professional or the go-to geek in your social circle, often the biggest hassle you face in fixing a computer problem is simply getting to the PC that needs help. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a few good web-based options that simplify the task of connecting to a troubled system. But fear not, we've outlined how to use them.

"How to troubleshoot and fix Windows problems from afar," we tweeted.

Tesco offers Android satnav to shoppers

Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner and Android owner was certainly happy with the news that Tesco has developed an Android app that acts as a Satnav for shoppers, helping them navigate their way through the store. However, it's currently only available for one branch in Romford, Essex. Perhaps the only way, really is Essex.

"Tesco trials Android satnav app for Romford store," she tweeted.