There's been a lot happening in the world of technology this week, making much work for those on micro-blogging site Twitter. Here's our five favourite musings of the week from the Twitterverse.

Another PC manufacturer goes under

It's been a sad few weeks for PC manufacturers after both MESH and OP3 went under. Managing editor MattJEgan tweeted the news that PC maker Cube 24/7had also joined them and gone into liquidation.

"PC maker Cube 24/7 enters liquidation - dropping like flies" he said.

Father's Day gift guide

It's Father's Day this Sunday. If you're stuck when it comes what to get for your Pa just to show him how much he means to you, fear not. We've put together a gift guide.

PCANews tweeted: "Father's day tech gift guide. It's Father's Day on June 17..."

Reader Panel

We're also looking for feedback from our lovely readers, and what better way than to get involved in our Reader Panel.

"Join our Reader Panel to win £100 of Amazon vouchers! You know, if you'd like to," we tweeted.

Banning hacking tools

Justice Ministers across Europe revealed this week they want to make the creation of 'hacking tools' a criminal offense, but critics have hit back at the plans, saying that they are unworkable.

"EU ministers seek to ban creation of 'hacking tools'," our tweet read.

Unpleasant Horse

Finally our sister title GameProUK reviewed a great iPhone and iPad game that they were very impressed with.

"Cute free game for iPhone and iPad gets 4.5 stars out of 5: Unpleasant Horse (@4thandBattery)," they said.