There's been plenty happening in the world of tech this week to keep the Twitterverse busy. Virgin Media announced it had reached the 10 million homes milestones when it comes to rolling out its superfast 100Mbps fibre broadband service, and there was also plenty of buzz about the potential release date for the public beta of Windows 8. Here's our five favourite tweets from the past seven days.

Virgin Media 100Mbps available to 10 million homes

Virgin Media's superfast 'up to' 100Mbps broadband service is now available to 10 million homes in the UK. The roll-out of the service, which was first launched in October 2010, was initially expected to be completed by mid-2012. However, the ISP has managed to get ahead of schedule and believes it will be completed this spring.
"Ok, this is impressive now - Virgin Media 100Mbps available to 10 million homes," we said in a tweet.

PC Protection

We looked at just how PC Advisor readers ensure their computers remain safe, and we were surprised by some of the results.
Editor MattJEgan said: "How do you keep your PC protected?"

Virtual Table Tennis 3D for Android review

This is a game that has a bit of a cult following on the iPad, and after getting soundly thrashed while playing a friend (on his iPad) it's easy to understand why. The game is addictive, especially if you're ever-so-slightly competitive (who isn't?) and now it's available on the Android!
"If you have an Android device and love your ping pong, then you should see this. Virtual Table Tennis 3D review," we tweeted.

Windows 8 public beta to be released on February 29?

The public beta of Windows 8, the latest iteration of Microsoft's operating system, could be made available on February 29. A number of journalists have received invites to a "Windows 8 Consumer Preview" that will take place at a hotel in Barcelona, Spain on the afternoon of February 29. At the same time the city will also be playing host to the Mobile World Congress trade show.
Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner said in a tweet: "Windows 8 public beta to be released on February 29?"

Bonusprint for iPad review

Bonusprint is best known for its film processing service, but also has a photo-book creation service that you can choose to use online or download to your Windows PC or Mac. In addition, there's now a Bonusprint iPad app.
"Create a digital photo album in minutes. Bonusprint for iPad review," said Associate editor RosieHattersley.