The New Year got off to a busy start where technology was concerned. From Google rolling-out a new-look homepage to the news that RIM have slashed the PlayBook tablet PC down to £169. As usual, members of the Twitterverse were pretty vocal. Here's our five favourite tweets of the past seven days.

Google begins roll out of new-look homepage

Google has begun rolling out a new-look homepage to a handful of web users. The new design of Google's main site, which was first announced in November last year, is part of "a new look and feel for Search, News, Maps, Translate, Gmail and a bunch of other products".
"Google are adopting the 'If it ain't broke, we'll fix it anyway' approach. 'Google begin roll out of new-look homepage'," we said in a tweet.

1.33 million eReaders given to Brits this Christmas

One in every 40 Brits either received or treated themselves to an eReader over the festive period, says YouGov. According to the research firm, December 2011 was a "Kindle Christmas" as of the 1.33 million eReaders gifted, 92 percent were Amazon Kindles.
Deputy News Editor CarrieSkinner said: "It was Kindle Christmas according to YouGov as 1.33 million eReaders were gifted over festive period,".

RIM slashes price of PlayBook to £169

Research in Motion (RIM) has slashed the price of its PlayBook tablet PC to £169. In the UK, the tablet PC, which was launched in April last year, is available for £169 for the 16GB version through Currys, Dixons and PC World. Meanwhile, the 32GB models is priced at £199 and the 64GB capacity costs £329. This is second price drop by RIM, as the firm initially cut the price of the devices to £249, £329 and £409 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions respectively in October last year from £399, £479 and £559.
"RIM slashes price of PlayBook to £169!!!," we tweeted.

PC Advisor Awards

The PC Advisor Awards, which honour the best of the past year's technology and offer a guide to the brands you can trust and the sites from which to buy, will take place on March 14, a date that's fast approaching. Here at PCA Towers we've been busy working out just who will be triumphing.
Editor MattJEgan said in a tweet: "This morning I think we pretty much finalised our list of awards winners for the #PCAdvisorAwards this year. Not without controversy... Follow PCAdvisorAwards for the latest. There's still time to vote in the Reader Awards."

Incredibly realistic' Jobs doll set for Feb release

Steve Jobs has been immortalised as an Action Man toy. In Icons will ship an 'incredibly realistic' poseable figure of the late Apple CEO, outfitted in his customary black turtleneck and blue jeans, and accessorised with circular rimless glasses, socks, a wedding ring and two apples - one with a bite.
"Steve Jobs immortalised as an Action Man," Associate editor RosieHattersley said in a tweet.