There's been plenty of tech news dominating Twitter this week, not least because the Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas. Here's our five favourite Tweets of the week.

CES 2012: LG Wows with 55-inch OLED TV, 4G Android Phone, and Smart(er) TVs

CES is well underway in Vegas this week and among the tech companies unveiling their latest gadgets, was LG. In fact, the company announced a new 4G smartphone, as well as a sleeve of thin smart TVs, with 3D compatibility and Google TV on board. "CES seems to be in full swing now: 'LG Wows with 55-inch OLED TV, 4G Android Phone, and Smart(er) TVs'," we said in a tweet.

Video: CES 2012: Samsung intros gesture, voice controlled TV

Meanwhile, Samsung laid out its television strategy at its press conference on the eve of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. It has added motion control, voice control and face recognition to its Smart TVs. The face recognition and motion control works using an integrated camera on top of each TV. It also added new hardware to its line up including a 75" display that has a dual core processor.
"Video: CES 2012: Samsung intros gesture, voice controlled TV," we tweeted.

Virgin Media to double broadband speeds

It's not all been about CES this week though. Virgin Media announced it is to double the net connection speeds of four million of its broadband customers. The ISP said the upgrade program will begin in February this year and those currently subscribed to 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 30Mbps and 50Mbps packages will see their speeds increased.
Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner said: "Virgin Media to double broadband speeds for four million of its customers."

Hard Drive Makers Slash Warranties

Meanwhile, in a bid to save money or redirect funds to product development, Seagate and Western Digital are cutting hard drive warranties - in some cases from five years to one.
"Scandalous behaviour: Hard Drive Makers Slash Warranties," we tweeted.

Netflix for iPad review

US online movie streaming service Netflix was made available in the UK and Ireland this week. The service, which is priced at £5.99 per month in the UK (€6.99 in Ireland), allows web users to watch an unlimited number of TV shows and movies on a range of internet-connected devices including computers, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Blu-ray players, Sony's PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360, as well as Apple iPhones, Apple iPads and Google Android smartphones and tablet PCs. Netflix is also offering a free one-month trial of the service. Web users can sign-up using their Facebook log-in details. Associate editor RosieHattersley was one of the first to try out the newservice. Check out her review of Netflix for Apple's iPad.
"Netflix for iPad review," she said.