Like many web users out there, PC Advisor is fond of micro-blogging service Twitter. Not only do we get to tell all you lovely web users what we get up to at PCA Towers, but we also love re-tweeting the musings of other web users. Here's five of our favourites this week.

PSN Alternatives

It's been a pretty bad week for Sony. At time of writing Sony's Playstation Network had been down for seven days following an attack by hackers. It got even worse after the tech giant revealed personal data belonging to PSN users had also been stolen. If you're one of the millions of users affected, fear not. Managing editor pricivius, came up with a way to access similar services via the web without the need for PSN.

"Is PSN still down? You can do many of the same fun things on a PC, but not all :(," he tweeted.

Sony's Android tablets

Meanwhile, the tech company has also jumped on the Android tablet band wagon., unveiling its first devices this week. Editor MattJEgan tweeted "Hands on with Sony's S1, S2 tablet PCs."


Associate editor RosieHattersley has come great advice for any smartphone users that have hit the delete button on photos by mistake.

"Ever pressed Delete then wished you hadn't? How to retrieve photos and more from your phone," she said in a tweet.

Things to make and do

If you don't fancy watching the Royal Wedding or want to keep yourself occupied over this second Bank Holiday weekend, we've put together a list of five projects you can create from an old computer.

"Five (more) things to do with an old computer," we tweeted.

Windows 8 pre-beta leaked (again)

While Microsoft has not announced the release date, or even the official name, of its follow-up to Windows 7, an early pre-beta version of the OS has surfaced on the internet, the second version to appear within a month.

"New Windows 8 pre-beta leaked online," we tweeted.