There's been plenty of news to keep Tweeters shackled to their PCs or smartphones this week, so they can share their thoughts on topics with web users across the globe. And PC Advisor is no exception. Here are our favourite musings and thoughts from Twitter from this week.

Microsoft's not laughing at Skype acquisition

Microsoft's acquisition of Skype certainly dominated technology news this week. In fact, we couldn't resist raising it during a meeting with Microsoft's peripherals division.

"Just had a meeting with Microsoft's peripherals department. @PCAdvisor's reviews editor made a joke about Skype. Nervous laughter," we tweeted.

Art now includes video games

Managing editor Pricivius was keen to tell the Twitterverse about how the US government had declared video games a form of art.

"US government's National Endowment for the Arts declares video games a valid form of art, and eligible for funding," he said in a tweet.

Portal 2 goes back to the 70s

We just had to share Rockpapershot's comments on the new Portal 2 poster.

"Have you seen the 70s movie poster of Portal 2? Do you want to? Hint: You want to.," the site tweeted.

PCs under £100

Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner was very impressed with the refurbished PCs for less than £100 that are on offer in a bid to get unconnected Brits online.

"£92 refurbished PC goes on sale in bid to get unconnected Brits online," she tweeted.

Corel photography contest

Associate editor RosieHattersley meanwhile, urged Twitterville to check out the entries in the PC Advisor and Corel photography competition.

"Did you make the shortlist for @pcadvisor and @corel's photo contest? Check out the top 10 and cast your vote here," she said in a tweet.