In a potentially ill-advised attempt to get with the programme (daddio), PC Advisor has finally got one of these new-fangled MySpace thingamajigs.

As the struggling indie guitarists among our readership will know, building a MySpace page is not for the faint-hearted. Not least because the site itself is reluctant to help with the tricky HTML codework required to decorate your page with paintings of girls in bikinis.

Luckily, our friends at Digit magazine have introduced us to Thomas' MySpace Editor, a free online service that listens to your garish, clashing colour requirements and spits out the code. It's as easy as falling off a blog (sorry).

We'd love to see what PC Advisor readers have made of MySpace, so feel free to add a link to your page in the comments box below. And - since Thomas has thus far failed to produce a program that can artifically boost your number of online acquaintances - why not join our, er, growing army of friends?

You know it makes sense.