Twitter's been alight with web users talking about tech news this week. Among the topics that have been keep web users twittering this week are Ofcom's announcement it will force BT to cut the charges it imposes on ISPs using its network in rural locations to provide broadband access and the fact e-brook readers may potentially be to blame for the closure of high-street bookstores. Here's our top five tweets of the week.

Cheaper broadband in rural locations

Ofcom revealed this week it is to force BT to drop the price it charges ISPs to use its network to offer broadband in rural areas, in a bid to improve services in these areas. The regulator hopes that by forcing the telecommunications company to reduce the amount it charges by 11 percent below inflation, around three million homes and businesses in rural parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as the South West of England, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Northumberland, will benefit consumers by offering cheaper and faster broadband.
"Victory for Jethro, Muse, The Wurzels and Rick Stein as Ofcom force BT to lower costs of broadband in rural areas," we said in a tweet.

Medion AKOYA P6631 laptop

We got our hands on the Medion AKOYA P6631 laptop this week and it certainly didn't disappoint. In fact, we gave it a stonking four out of five star.
"PC Advisor gives our P6631 laptop 4/5 stars. Check out the full review here," said MedionUK.

Kindle kills high-street book retailers?

High-street book retailer Borders gave up the ghost this week by announcing the closure of 399 US stores with the loss of 10,700 jobs. The UK stores, of course, went before. But are e-readers such as the Kindle to blame? MattJEgan thinks that's partially true.
He said in a tweet: "If e-readers destroyed high-street bookshops, they have only themselves to blame. There, I said it."

Scosche freeKEY Bluetooth keyboard

Scosche has launched the freeKEY - a flexible keyboard made mainly of silicon that can be rolled up into a compact package and is truly water resistant, so we couldn't wait to put it through its paces.
"It's annoying that all keyboards are rigid and prone to water isn't it? Well this one isn't, we tweeted!/PCAdvisor/status/93358403111497728 .

TOWIE star's breakfast delays LG launch

Meanwhile, Associate editor Rosie Hattersley was less than impressed when The Only Way is Essex 'star's Mark Wright and James 'Arg' Argent kept her waiting at the launch of the LG Optimus 3D.
"Still waiting for Mark & James from TOWIE to appear at LG Optimus 3D event. Arg's having a huge breakfast, it seems," she said in a tweet.