It's been a busy week in the Twitterverse. Users of the micro-blogging site have had much to comment on, from Apple going after HTC again for copyright infringement to Andrew Crossley being named Internet Villian of the Year. Here's PC Advisor's five favourite tweets from the week.

Apple goes after HTC....again

This week, Apple accused HTC of infringing its copyright by using some of its iPhone technology in their handsets, although Apple declines to reveal which patents were being infringed.
"Apple accuses HTC of infringing its patents. It's not the first lawsuit Apple has filed against smartphone manufacturer," Deputy News Editor CarrieSkinner said in a tweet.

Bullying lawyer is Net Villain of the Year

Managing editor Pricivius was keen to point out Andrew Crossley – a bullying lawyer who targeted Brits accused of illegal filesharing had been named the Internet Villain of the Year by the Internet Service Providers' Association.

"Andrew Crossley - the notorious ACS:Law bully - named Internet Villain of the Year," he said.

Assange appeals extradition

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was back in court this week, to appeal against a decision to extradite him to Sweden to face accusations regarding unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and rape. Assange's lawyers argued that Swedish prosecutors have mischaracterised encounters with two women who Assange had sex with in August 2010.

Editor MattJEgan said in a tweet: "Assange attorneys argue Swedish arrest warrant is invalid".

Broadband speeds

Every summer we conduct an in-depth survey about the state of Broadband Britain and this year's no exception. We'd like to know all about your home broadband experience - so we can tell our readers. Your feedback helps us report more accurately on the connection speed and customer service UK ISPs. Using this information, we are able to establish which broadband providers are doing a great job and which ones must try harder.

"How's your broadband connection? Enter our survey and win £100 Amazon vouchers and answer our poll," we tweeted.

HTC ChaCha review

Our Test Centre got its hands on the HTC ChaCha, a smartphone that combines a full qwerty keyboard and touchscreen with a dedicated Facebook button that allows easy integration with the world's most popular social networking service.

"HTC ChaCha review: The HTC ChaCha is a Google Android smartphone with a dedicated Facebook button," we said in a tweet.