Over half of all parents admit they have no idea what their children get up to when they log on, according to research from Trend Micro.

The security firm's study revealed that of those parents that do know what their kids get up to online, 55 percent wish they would spend less time on social networks. Three quarters were concerned their children would lose face-to-face communication skills as a result of the amount of time they spend online.

Only three percent of those questioned admitted to monitoring the online behaviour of their children with the remaining 97 percent saying they don't want to or don't know how to monitor online activity.

"With the summer holidays fast approaching, parents should put simple but effective measures in place to ensure their kids do not fall victim to unnecessary dangers. Parents need to become more tech savvy first before they can start educating their kids on what's right and wrong," said Rik Ferguson, security expert at Trend Micro.

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