Orange has revamped its mobile broadband packages.

There are now three mobile broadband deals; Small, Medium and Large, all of which come with a £5 discount if you're already an Orange mobile and home broadband customer. Small is priced at £10 per month and comes with a 500MB download limit per month. Meanwhile, the £15 Medium package offers 1GB of data allowance and the £30 Large package comes with a 3GB data download limit.

Furthermore, both the Medium and Large packages benefit from unlimited free Wi-Fi use at more than 20,000 BT hotspots across the UK.

"Whether a customer goes online every now and then, stream videos or uses Facebook for hours every day, the new Small, Medium and Large plans are based on average daily use over one month, making them more clearly aligned to what is actually used," Orange said.

Orange also revealed it will launch a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. The Orange E5830C Mobile Wi-Fi device allows up to five devices to connect to a mobile broadband connection via Wi-Fi and even comes with a mobile broadband signal indicator to ensure users can see where the best signal can be obtained in their current location. Orange said the device will be available in the coming weeks and will be priced between £20 and £60, depending upon which mobile broadband package it's purchased with.