Microsoft isn't the only company planning a boatload of security patches this week. Oracle plans to fix 81 vulnerabilities in its database, middleware and operating system products today, the same day Microsoft's fixes are due.

Oracle laid out some details on the upcoming patches, saying that 31 of the 81 bug-fixes are for products that Oracle picked up in its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. There will also be seven database server fixes and 33 patches for Oracle's various applications, including the PeopleSoft and Siebel software.

The Sun products that will be patched include Solaris, OpenOffice and the Sun directory server. As always, Oracle recommends that customers apply its fixes "as soon as possible".

To make things more predictable, Oracle releases its security fixes all at once, every three months. In April, it rolled the Sun products into this quarterly release, called the Critical Patch Update.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is planning a record patch release for the same day. Microsoft said it will release 16 software updates, addressing a record 49 bugs in products such as Windows, Office and Internet Explorer.

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