YouTube gets around 65,000 new videos uploaded each day and there are almost 20 million YouTube surfers each month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. But who's doing the uploading?

PC World thinks everyone is at it (posting video to YouTube, that is). The Dixons Stores Group retail giant is reporting an almost 50 percent increase in webcam sales over the past 12 months. PC World has seen a similar spike in video-editing software sales.

Given that broadband internet now has its fat pipes in millions of homes (nearly eight out of 10 UK internet connections are broadband), it's clear that increasing numbers of people have the wherewithal to bare-all online. And a trip to MySpace will only confirm this.

But I've never posted a video online, and I'm a world-class web time waster. I don't know many people who have, for that matter.

I'm more than happy to fill my down time (between, say, getting to work and going to the pub) flitting about on YouTube to hoover up the weekend's sporting action, or to watch someone falling down the stairs. But I've never had a compelling urge to contribute.

Turns out I'm too old, at least according to YouTube's demographic. Because although the gender divide is relatively even (44 percent of visitors are female, 56 percent male), dedicated YouTubers are found predominantly in the 12- to 17-year-old age group.

So that's that then, something else I'm way too old for (along with MySpace, leather trousers and eating pizza late at night). At least I'll always have the PCA forums.