Over 60 percent of consumers that didn't receive goods or services they paid for in advance shopped online, says Consumer Focus.

According to the consumer group, just under two million Brits have paid for goods or services which have never materialised after suppliers went into liquidation as a result of the recession. Research by the group revealed that the average loss per customer is £242.

The electrical goods, music and small entertainment sectors were the worst performing, each accounting for 15 percent of all losses. They were closely followed by fashion and clothes, which made up 12 percent of paid-for purchases that have never materialised.

"Consumers are losing out in the fight to reclaim money from bankrupt businesses. And the problem looks set to worsen given the dramatic rise in companies going under this year. As with many things during a recession, it's the poorest who will be hit hardest," said Steve Brooker, markets expert at Consumer Focus.

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