Gambling addicts in the remote Scottish environs of Dumfries and Galloway are to receive counselling sessions through the internet and VoIP.

Gamblers Anonymous hopes its scheme will help people living in rural areas to address their gambling addictions. Which if nothing else suggests that the broadband rollout is going well.

GA will port Skype's VoIP (voice over internet telephony) into the homes of addicts in the region, so that gamblers can call for help even when they have no money. If addicts in Dumfries and Galloway want to attend a Gamblers Anonymous meeting right now, they have to travel to Carlisle. And no-one deserves that, right?

In the past year, Gamblers Anonymous has seen the number of addicts attending its self-help groups across the country double. It will buy 50 internet telephones, allowing people to take part in sessions with as many as 12 other addicts.

Which strikes me as a valuable use of the internet - especially at a time when mobile web access allows net gamblers no respite. Indeed, when launching the intriguing Pocketsurfer2 the other day, Datawind said it would be 'ideal' for online gamblers. Now I like a flutter myself so I'm far from anti-gambling, but perhaps Datawind should whack on a VoIP headset, just to be on the safe side.