O2's broadband ISP service has been voted top in a poll on the thinkbroadband.com comparison site for November.

Thinkbroadband's poll measures key satisfaction areas for broadband customers, including speed, reliability and customer service, asking users to score each provider.

The comparison site measures services from all the main UK ISPs, with O2 taking top spot with 74 percent, 72 percent and 79 percent for speed, reliability and customer service respectively.

In a separate survey conducted by Intrepid Research, 100 percent of customers that switched from Orange and PlusNet thought the O2 service was “better” than their previous service. 86 percent of ex-AOL customers and 85 percent of ex-Virgin Media customers thought the same. Overall, 81 percent of customers questioned were very satisfied with the service and likely to recommend it to their friends.

“We launched O2 Broadband with a commitment to creating an overall quality of experience that sets a new standard in the market,” said Sally Cowdry, marketing director, O2 UK. “We’re delighted that just over one month since launch independent research from experts shows that we are delivering on this promise.”

Sebastien Lahtinen, Co-founder of thinkbroadband.com added, "O2 has entered a very competitive market with highly compelling services and our users have clearly indicated that they currently perform very well in all three categories against the large established operators."

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