Huawei and O2 have announced the successful completion of a UK trial of an LTE (Long Term Evolution), or 4G, mobile network. The trial took place in Slough, and during it the companies say they reached download rates of 150Mbps.

The news follows yesterday's announcement of the world's first commercial LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks launched in the central parts of Stockholm and Oslo.

LTE is expected to be the next major standard in mobile broadband technology, and carriers have begun to convert their networks.

More than 50 operators have announced plans to deliver 4G networks around the world. Reports suggest that around 20 LTE networks will launch in 2010. O2's parent company Telefonica recently announced plans to start the trials of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE)/System Architecture Evolution (SAE) technology in a series of markets around the world.

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Derek McManus, CTO of O2 UK, said: "We are pleased to collaborate with Huawei on this LTE trial, which will allow us to better understand this emerging technology and prepare us in offering our customers next generation mobile broadband services in the future."

Samuel Sun, managing director of Huawei UK, stated the following regarding the new achievement: "Huawei is very keen to be involved with the Telefonica O2 UK trials for LTE/SAE technology. We have demonstrated our state-of-the-art mobile technologies and capability to deliver on our promise. These trials will give an excellent reference to Telefonica O2 for the evaluation of LTE technology."