It's an historic day in Northern Ireland, as Ian 'Dr No' Paisley and Martin 'actor's voice' McGuiness cast aside years of rampant oppositionalism and start, well, running stuff. And the first thing they need to address is the unhealthy anger of Northern Irish web users toward slow-loading websites.

According to a survey released today 22 percent of Northern Irish internet users say that websites loading slowly or failing to load makes them want to "throw their computers out of the window". So walk in the middle of the road next time you're in Derry.

That's more than twice the web-rage level of the rest of the country. But then Northern Irish residents reckon they waste more than 30 minutes per day waiting for slow websites to load. (That's a whole episode of 'Give My Head Peace', mark you.)

But perhaps the problem is one of simply not expressing the anger we all feel. In stoic Northern Ireland hardly any survey respondents said they'd either report a web-loading problem, or even seek assistance to overcome it. In more emotionally open Wales, however, 7.1 percent of users are willing to complain about a slow-loading website. (Possibly in song.)

Indeed the survey indicates that women are prepared to wait longer for a website to load, but they were more likely to get short tempered or feel aggressive in their actions when faced with a slow website.

Which leads me to two conclusions: number one, women are much better at expressing their feelings than blokes (bear defecates in wooded area shocker). And number two? If you want to make a killing, sell toughened laptops to the WI in Northern Ireland.

(Actually, there's a pretty obvious number three. That Northern Irish web users can these days afford to get het up with something so trivial as web-loading times makes this, I reckon, a very happy day indeed - ádh mór ort!)