The number of .org domains registered by non-profit organisations in the UK is on the up new research reveals.

This is despite or possibly because the current recession says Fasthosts, the web hosting provider and domain name registrar.

The domain suffix has out-grown in percentage terms many other non business top-level domain suffixes insists Fasthosts, indicating an increase in the number of non-profit and charitable projects being launched in the first half of 2009.

The unique growth lends weight to the theory that many such organisations have initiated or grown web-based projects in response to the global recession, according to Fasthosts.

"It is pleasing to note the growth of the .ORG community and witness the remarkable difference that the web can deliver to non-profit organisations," Steve Holford, CMO Fasthosts said.

"In challenging economic times, such groups are wise to leverage the efficiencies and visibility that online projects can offer."

The internet is the right logical step for non-profit groups to broaden their reach and safeguard their revenues Holford added.

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