Nintendo has admitted it was the victim of an online attack by Lulz Security, the group that recently hacked the Sony Pictures Entertainment websites.

The games company revealed a server belonging to an affiliate company in the US was the target of an attack by the group a few weeks ago. However, unlike the recent Sony attack, which saw the hackers access the names, addresses, birth dates, emails, phone numbers and password data on more than one million customers, no data was taken.

"There were no third-party victims," Ken Toyoda from Nintendo said. .

"But it is a fact, there was some kind of possible hacking attack," he added.

The attacks come two months after hackers accessed personal information on 77 million Sony PlayStation Network and Qriocity accounts. It took more than a month to get the PlayStation Network restored following the hack.

"The protection of our customer information is our utmost priority. Therefore, we constantly monitor our security," Nintendo added.