Yahoo has started testing a new home page that will allow users to check for new email from multiple accounts and add more content from the web.

Yahoo - which is testing the new page with randomly selected users in the UK, US, France and India - added a dashboard area that will allow users to preview their favourite Yahoo and non-Yahoo services, including Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, weather forecasts and local events.

"The web has evolved to keep us in constant communication, but this also means we are continually receiving emails, text messages, RSS feeds, tweets and IMs. Keeping up can be a struggle," said Tapan Bhat, Yahoo's senior vice president of front doors, communities and network services, in a blog post.

"We plan to add plenty more preview applications in the future, so that you don't have to spend as much time jumping from site to site just to stay plugged in."

Specifically, Yahoo plans to add more content from across the web to the site and eventually will add information about what a user's contacts are doing across Yahoo and the web, Yahoo said. Yahoo also plans to open the site to its Yahoo Application Platform so that external developers and publishers can submit their own preview applications to be featured on the Yahoo home page.

Andy Beal, a blogger at Marketing Pilgrim, predicted that the home page could be well received.

"It still retains the 'push' features of news, entertainment, sports, etc, but also adds some 'pull' options such as email, weather, photos, etc," he added. "iGoogle and Netvibes (which is what I use) might be a little too geeky for Yahoo's average user, so a blend of the old with the new, could be a good recipe."