A new online experiment hopes to make web users happier.

The Science of Happiness website goes live next week, and for five days web users will be able to visit the site and answer questions about their current mood. They will then be able to view a YouTube video that demonstrates mood-boosting exercises that take less than a minute to perform, such as forcing yourself to smile when doing certain daily activities including making a cup of tea.

Each web user will be asked to do the exercise every day for a week and will then be required to rate their level of happiness again at the end of the project.

Professor Richard Wiseman from the Univeristy of Hertfordshire, who created the experiment, hopes that by making web users happier they will "infect" others with their joy.

"No one's ever tried cheering up a whole country before, and it's the right time to do it with everyone feeling gloomy from the recession," Wiseman said.

"Potentially somewhere like London, which is densely populated, you might find people smiling a lot more. It's a mad idea, but it might just work."

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