A  new campaign is aiming to encourage UK web users to pledge just one hour of their time to help Brits that have never been online get access to the web.

The Give an Hour campaign is the latest move in the Race Online 2012 initiative, which was launched last year by UK Digital Champion and founder of lastminute.com Martha Lane Fox, in a bid to get all working Brits online before the end of the current parliament.

The campaign wants each of the 30 million people who use the internet everyday to use the hour they gain when the clocks go back on October 30 to help someone they know get online. The campaign cited recent research by the BBC that revealed friends and families play an integral role in inspiring and helping others to get online

According to Lane-Fox there are still 8.7 million Brits that have never been online.

"We live in an age when 'digital' is a vital life skill: as basic as knowing how to read and write. 90 percent of new jobs require it: you're 25 percent more likely to get work when you have web skills and once in work you'll earn up to 10 percent more. It's simply unacceptable that so many people are still unable to benefit from what the web can offer".

The Race Online 2012 campaign is supported by a number of organisations including the BBC, TalkTalk, Sky, mobile network 3 and Mecca Bingo. These organisations will also be encouraging their staff to lend a hand and help unconnected Brits get online. For example on October 31, 99 Mecca bingo clubs across the country will offer free internet taster sessions and between 5.30 and 6.30pm from October 31 to November 4, staff in the 319 retail stores of UK mobile network 3 will be showing Brits the benefits of the web.

"An hour is long enough to give everyone a taste of the web, and show people the amazing benefits of using the internet," Lane-Fox added.