Netsuite customers have told Computerworld UK that the smaller scale of the vendor, compared to some alternatives, was a key factor in their selection process.

The companies said they had considered cloud computing alternatives from larger suppliers such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle, but found the flexibility and ease of communication were more apparent with smaller providers.

Alan Newman, chief financial officer at opinion polling firm YouGov, said: "Originally I think Netsuite was running a bit, in order to keep up with the change requests from customers. But it's much more localised and has a bigger team now."

He added: "It's just easier to deal with Netsuite than the larger alternatives, and to get feedback to them. Even to the point of us picking up the phone to Netsuite chief executive Zach Nelson if we got really stuck on our implementation or modifications."

Newman said while he often fed back change requests to Netsuite directly, he also increasingly interacted with the user group to share experiences with other companies.

Kit Digital, a video management company, also said it had chosen Netsuite over key alternatives including Microsoft.

Vice president of global business systems at the company Adam Hynes said: "We looked at a couple of Microsoft products, including Navision, but our analysis was that from the cost point of view we were better with the smaller vendor. We also wanted to be clear we had the full support to manage our system."

Kit Digital replaced a raft of on-premise finance and sales systems with Netsuite. Asked whether it had been hard to link his company to a cloud computing environment instead, Hynes said the challenges had been overcome.

"There's a lot of stigma around the cloud on security and uptime, but it's unnecessary - I think it's just a learning curve. Suppliers have to be reputable, and with Netsuite we saw they were hosting so many strong clients, from the security point of view we were convinced they had too much to lose not to do all of this properly."