Ok, this isn't really "gaming" news, but since a lot of you, like me, probably spend just as much time on your console watching Netflix as you do playing games, we thought we'd help spread the word about Starz ditching Netflix. According to the L.A. Times, "Premium cable network Starz Entertainment will end its deal to provide movies to http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/221052/netflix-jacking-up-prices-by-50/, a surprise decision that will deprive the popular online video service of its most valuable source of recently released movies."

Netflix stock dropped 8% following the news, but it still seems like a small loss when I look at my 150+ long queue of currently unwatched movies. Apparently, Starz wanted to be able to charge extra for their content...which probably wouldn't go over too well following the already announced Netflix price hike.

Still, if you had any Starz movies waiting to watch, you might want to get on those before the company's deal expires on Feb 28, 2012. I'd recommend the highly excellent Party Down -- and it's already cancelled, so you won't have as much reason to download for free pay to legally watch new Starz content on whatever service they try to go with next.

But maybe I'm in the minority. Would you rather pay extra for premium content on top of paying for "regular" content -- a la the current cable model. Will you be willing to pay for subscriptions to multiple streaming outlets to watch your favorite shows? To me, paying for Netlix and Hulu already seems like too much.