The number of gadgets that we connect to the internet will hit 15 billion by 2015, says Cisco.

According to the technology giant's 'Visual Networking Index', that's more than twice the predicted population of the world in four years time. It is thought smartphones and tablet PCs will be a major factor in the surge in the number of net-connected gadgets.

Furthermore, Cisco predicts one million minutes of video will be watched online every second by 2015 and around 40 percent of the population will be online at any one time. Meanwhile, internet traffic is expected to hit 966 exabytes a year.

"What you are seeing is this massive growth in devices, the way devices are being used and are connected to the internet and what users expect them to do," said Suraj Shetty, Cisco vice president for global marketing.

"All this is putting a lot of pressure on the internet and the next generation internet faces issues handling not just the proliferation of these devices but how they are going to grow and be intelligent enough to be connected to you."

However, Shetty said how to manage the traffic was a massive concern.

"We have to come up with a platform that can help scale the internet to handle a lot of the traffic and to do it smartly," he told the BBC.