MySpace is following in the footsteps of Digg and Google News with a new service called MySpace News that allows visitors to the site to vote on news stories collected from the web.

The latest venture from News Corp will feature headlines from other news sites on the internet in an attempt to enhance the site’s appeal to potential advertisers and increase the time visitors spend on MySpace. The service also hopes to pool news stories from a wider variety of sources than competitors such as Google News and feature a large number of categories and sub-topics.

MySpace News’ user-focused approach means visitors will now have a direct impact on which stories rank the highest in terms of popularity. News Corp says users will no longer have to visit other sites during their MySpace session to get updates on current events.

The technology behind the beta test of MySpace News, which scans news stories from all over the internet, was developed by Newroo, a company bought by News Corp last year. Publishers will have the ability to choose whether their stories are featured on the site and news from companies owned by News Corp will not receive priority on the site.